Newcomers with Disabilities in Sweden have a high standard of openness, honesty, and responsibility. We care about and are proud of our reputation and a well-functioning operation. We expect that members, trustees, co-workers, partners, and others who are influenced by our operation will speak up if there are serious flaws in the operation and issues that may harm NWDIS. 

Reports from whistleblowers are a source of invaluable information which makes it possible for organizations to catch and rectify irregularities or crimes at an early stage. The aim of this policy is to facilitate reporting that can lead to NWDIS finding out about, and rectifying, irregularities in the operation – and it is part of our quality-assurance work and our work for safety. By using HaileyHR’s whistleblowing service the whistleblower should be able to trust that the internal process for reporting works well and the whistleblower remains anonymous throughout the process.

Link to whistleblowing service: https://haileyhr.app/whistleblowing/953388f7-c9bb-4774-b8e3-756ccd3bc5ba

Irregularities involve illegal or prohibited behavior and may include the following:

  • – Illegal actions.
  • – Violation of NWDIS’s code of conduct.
  • – Actions that violate NWDIS’s policies and guidelines or harmful negligence of these steering documents.
  • – Unprofessional behavior that harms NWDIS.
  • – Erroneous accounting or accounting practices.
  • – Actions that can harm a person or property.
  • – Serious abuse of power or position.
  • – Discrimination, sexual harassment, and other forms of harassment.
  • – Biased handling of conflicts of interest.
  • – Bribes.
  • – Extortion.

How to report a case

No matter how much or how little you know about a case, you can always make a report if you’re worried that something isn’t right. By using the whistleblower service found in the above link, your report will reach the people on the board who are responsible for handling whistleblower cases. These are usually the board chairman and the treasurer. Although the handler of your report will have to ask questions to get a picture of the situation you remain anonymous throughout the entire process and all information exchange will be handled in the whistleblower program. You can add your email address for you to get notifications on your case. Your email address is not visible to the people handling your case.


The person who makes a reveal or addresses a problem is expected to:

– Give information in good faith for the best of NWDIS.

– Believe that the suspicions are true.

– Not have a hidden agenda or make false accusations.

– Not seek personal or financial gain.

Given the above, a whistleblower is an important asset to NWDIS and NWDIS’s stakeholders and should be protected by the resources the organization has.