Deep Game

Sarah’s Journey

Meet Sarah, a 37-year-old disabled Syrian female refugee with a secondary education who had to flee her country of origin in 2015 due to the conflict in Syria. Sara embarks on a strenuous and challenging journey, predominantly by land, and we witness her experiences in various countries.

Through Sarah’s perspective the board game explores the adversities she faces due to her gender, ethnicity, and disability, unveiling the complex intersectionality of power structures. Disabled female refugees, such as Sarah, emerge as one of the world’s most vulnerable groups, showcasing their resilience amidst adversity. Join us as we bring this powerful story, offering a unique and immersive experience to you through our board game.

What is a Deep Game?

Deep Games are games that teach us something about ourselves, enable thought-provoking, emotionally rich experiences and promote personal and social change. They tackle the whole bandwidth of the human experience. (Making Deep Games: Designing Games with Meaning and Purpose by av Doris C. Rusch)

Our purpose with deep games is to let the player experience what a newcomer with disabilities has gone through in order to reach Sweden and how different decisions, own and others’, affect the main character during this hazardous journey. But it doesn’t end there. A whole new journey begins when they arrive in Sweden and the situation and options they are faced with in their inclusion process.

With these game(s) we wish to highlight what it means to flee one’s country and suddenly have nowhere to belong.