We organize both physical meetups and online events

Good to know IT skills

November 30th at 19.00

See zoom link

Mental Health day

December 9th

Venue will be added soon

September’s Online meeting

28 September 2022

Today we had Pia Torstensson from Telenor as a guest telling us about Open Mind Program. It was very interesting to hear about. We had good discussions about it and in general on how to apply for work. We checked in with everyone present on their current situation. We made plans on how we can help those who need help and shared valuable information regarding arbetsförmedlingen and job seeking.

October’s Online meeting

26 October 2022 at 19:00

Welcome to our online café and workshop.
We meet on zoom to socialize and check in with everyone.

November’s Online meeting

30 November 2022 at 19:00

2 March, 2022

Online meeting

We had a nice chat, getting to know each other and listened to those who wanted to share. Jerusalem was kind enough to help with interpreting.

5 April, 2022

Online meeting

We made new friends this time! Anyone who wanted to share did so and we had a lovely hour together.

16 May, 2022


First time we will meet irl. We are going to discuss the very real issue that many newcomers with disabilities struggle to meet the Migration Board’s requirements for establishment.

June, 2022

Online meeting

Time to meet again and make new friends.

July, 2022


When the weather gets warmer we can meet outside and sit and chat in the sun. More information will be posted and you will get a heads up so you can sign up for the event

August, 2022


We are planning on a new physical meetup in August. Place and time will be informed later.